Lamp Parts

We have all kinds of hard to find lamp sockets, lamp cords, and all of the bits and pieces for assembling a lamp. Lamp kits often lack minor components that can make putting together a piece difficult. Bring your project in to us and we will lay out all that you will need to successfully and professionally wire and assemble your lamp if you choose to do it yourself.

Just a few examples of the types of lamp parts we carry:

  • Lamp sockets
  • Harps (Brass and Nickel)
  • Lamp cord... including "old style rayon"
  • Ceiling Canopies
  • Fixture Chain
  • Candle Covers
  • All Thread
  • Dimmers
  • In-Line Switches
  • Turn Knobs
  • Vase Caps
  • Felt for bottom
  • Cluster Sockets